European map of recognitions

European recognition

Released if compliance with Article L4161-1 the code of public health.
Law framed
Positive current legislation
National law to pursue for "Heilpraktikers"
Freedom in 1939 & 1973
Liberty 1981 & 1993
Ban but "coexistence" in fact
Opening in 5 northern
Recognized by the Ministry of Finance & Labour 1997
Current opening
Powerful federation
Since September 2003 Freedom Filmography confirmed by decree in 2016
Structured profession since 1992
Many healers and herbalists tolerances
Liberté exemplaire : « Droit coutumier » depuis XV siècle
Free exemplary: "Customary law" since the fifteenth century
Liberty since 1619 & 1936
Liberty since 1960 & 1982
Liberty since 1970
Official Federal Diploma since April 2015
Para-medicalisation in 2007
Partial liberalization since 1997
Very relative freedom
Few practitioners - Heilpraktikers

Our sources:


Mrs Isabelle Robard
“La Santé hors la loi” (“Outlaw’s health”)
Ed. Ancre & C ecf 1994


A lot of important details in:
“Médecines non conventionnelles et droit” (“Non conformist medicines and laws”)
Ed. Litec 2002