Last books in French


« Livre blanc de la Naturopathie »

(« The white book of naturopathy »)
Help for a lasting health
FENAHMAN group of writers/ France/ conducted by Daniel Kieffer

This book gives basic details of Naturopathy; of how French social security system can save a lot of money; of potential new created jobs. It as well describes how absurd this discipline of well-being and quality of life is in lack of Administration Services.
It gives to different politic and juridical authorities ten measures for a public recognition of this traditional occidental medicine.
It is a “manifesto” with very relevant juridical arguments.
It can be completed with the book “Votre 1ère visite chez le naturopathe” (“your first consultation with a naturopath”) from the same group of writers.
Very relevant arguments to enlighten the decision-makers and citizens wanting to be on the move!

Editor: Yves Michel Editions / Collection: Santé
ISBN : 978 2 913492 58 5
Pages : 200


« Encyclopédie historique de la Naturopathie »

(« Historical encyclopedia of naturopathy »)
The first panoramic history of naturopathy from Ancient Times till nowadays.

It contains the most complete synthesis of north American precursors and pioneers’ biographies.

Besides this, you will as well discover every soft medicine’s patrimony: hydrotherapy, massages, iridology, herbal medicine, fast, reflexology, dietetic, etc…

168 portraits of contemporary naturopaths are drawn / Almost 1100 names are mentioned.

Jouvence editions / 2008
N° ISBN 978-2-88353-529-9
Pages: 624


« Pour une approche intégrée en santé »

(« for an internalized approach in health »)
French and canadian work

From the seventies, you can notice from all around the world a growing interest for alternatives and complementary medicines.
You can as well hear terms like “popular”, “soft”, “natural”, “different” or “parallel” to qualify those medicines.
That’s why, on each corner of the world, decision-makers and professionals of health look more and more into insertion of those practices and, as well, into harmlessness, efficiency, and availability’s questions of all of those other medicines which are more or less supervised by governments.
In front of this reality, those medicines appeared to be necessaries.
For ages, the official medicine didn’t want to recognize it but It appeared urgent to develop a different approach about health.
A new health’s movement was born: “The integrative medicine”.

Presses from Quebec University
N°ISBN 978-2-7605-1589-5
Pages: 131



« Médecines non conventionnelles et droit »

(« non conventional medicines and laws »)

Mrs Isabelle Robard, Ph. D in Law and lawyer, is specialized in international rights of health and teacher at University of laws.
This book speaks about political and juridical plans concerning non conventional medicines and French or European rights.
This is the main book to have for jurists, medical orders, professional associations, press and motivates people.

LITEC Editions
N°ISBN 2-7111-3485-7
Pages: 151