Extract from the statutes

“Aims of the European Union of Naturopathy” (Clause 2)

EUN aims at studying, promoting and developing naturopathy and health education up to European standard.

To that purpose, here are the important aims:

  1. Through action, have a part in recognition and regulations of Naturopathy as an art and science of health, within as well as outside of the community.
  2. Promote the bare conditions to a mutual recognition of all diplomas and certificates within the body of Naturopathic professions, in each discipline and each specialty, in order to institute a European Certificate (or Diploma) of Naturopathy.
  3. Reconcile different levels of formations habilitating in the execution of naturopathic profession, in each discipline and specialty.
  4. Reconcile the different deontological conditions of the naturopathic professional execution, in each discipline and specialty.
  5. Promote and support a strict and responsible professional practice of Naturopathy, based on ethics, deontology and high levels formations of technical and scientific practitioners.
  6. Lead each necessary action in order to define common rules; to establish codes of right practices and finally set up a certificating process for moral people as well as for concerned practitioners.