Information 2018 / 2019 : The European Union of Naturopathy has been dormant for two years : we can understand that each delegation is quite busy with its national activities… New strengths are now necessary to maintain positive and collective activities. We hope that the following months will to allow us a resumption of our activities, probably in partnership with the most distinguished (World Naturopathic Federation :


The “3rd International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine” took place in Barcelona in August 2016:
The 2016 DVD set is available online:

For 2017, it will be held in London from June 30 to July 2: book your seats for an exceptional event that will bring together 30 international speakers of renown!



Since 2015, the all-new and dynamic World Federation of Naturopathy (World Naturopathic Federation) has brought together many nations and thousands of professionals:
A visit to the site is essential:
One of the most remarkable activities is the publication of resources giving an update on the profession in the world:
Daniel Kieffer, President of the European Union of Naturopathy is pleased to have collaborated.
We are proud to know that Ms Barbara Boutry , Secretary of the OMNES (trade union association for France) is secretary of the World Federation of Naturopathy.

New Swiss law for the integration of naturopathy: “A federal diploma for naturopaths since 4 May 2015: The State Secretariat for Training, Research and Innovation (SEFRI) approved at the end of April an examination Professional diploma for naturopaths. The examination gives a recognized and protected title throughout Switzerland, that of naturopathic practitioner with federal diploma, said the SEFRI in a statement this Monday 4 May. The profession has four disciplines: Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine MTC and Traditional Natural Medicine MTE. The profession of naturopath has a long tradition and constitutes an important part of the health supply. At present there are some 2,500 naturopaths practicing in all the cantons. The creation of national diplomas for the non-medical branches of complementary medicine is one of the requirements of the constitutional article 118a “Complementary medicine”: this is thus fulfilled for a first profession “.
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Week-end of July 4th-5th-6th 2014 is a date to remember in world’s history of naturopathy.

It is, actually, during the 2nd edition of ICNM (International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine) when every naturopath from all around the world met in Paris that was born the “world naturopathic federation”,

Its missions (in accordance with the first script of founders’ texts and waiting for the officialization in Luxembourg):

  • Maintain growth and diversity of naturopathy in the world
  • Support regulations of naturopathy
  • Promote the highest appeals and standards for the corporation
  • Encourage researches in naturopathy
  • Establish and develop a world basic data about naturopathy (organizations, legislation, congress, researches, accreditation…)
  • Work with international organizations (especially WHO and as well UNO, UNESCO) and governments to promote naturopathic medicine.

Un beau défi en perspective !




International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine / Paris / 2014 july



Interview of Mrs Isabelle Robard

Lawyer specialized in international law of health.

Download pdf (FR)



Report from Analysis Center

What answer can give the authorities about keen interest for non conventional medicines?

2012 October

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WHO’s publication

Benchmarks for Training in Alternative and Complementary Medicines: Naturopathy

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WHO’s publication

WHO’s strategy for traditional medicine for 2013/2023

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A word from the chairman Daniel Kieffer

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Investigation about threats of sectarian’s downward within the framework of non conventional medicines / Senate (France).

Chairman of EUN being heard:
Need to be read as well about the same subject:




Promising conclusions of debates concerning “Cambrella Project”. Report from 2013 January

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A document published by the World Health Organization in January 2013 deals with naturopathy for the first time!

Orders given by experts are especially directed towards Italy and Lombardy where the local government opens easily its arms to our work via an academic training project of level II and even level I.

Check the entire text on




You will assist to the conclusions of debates in Cambrella‘s Project (forecasting end of 2012)

Exchanges are planed on that occasion, between our chairman and Sir Barrosso, chairman of European Commission.




Among our new members, welcome to Israël. The representative group is Israeli Organization for Complementary Health (Professor Avshalom Mizrahi)



Lombardy has just created its own “skills certificate”: it’s a first for this “official certificate” which any Italian naturopath could obtain.



From 2013 September, a Law very keen on naturopathy has been voted. Unfortunately, since when, the presidential decree affecting the application of this law take a long time to come.
More gravely, during 2012, the government tried to question this Law restricting its involvement for naturopathy. A very difficult fight is led by the Portuguese federation of naturopathy… what will happen in 2013?



The Prime Minister, via Strategy Analysis Center N°290 October 2012, had talks with non conventional medicines. For the first time since the historic “European Resolution” of may 1997, French politicians wonder: “answer of the authorities about how keen French population is on non conventional medicines”.

3rd Colloquium of eco-medicines 2012 (2012 October 26th & 27th) gathered together about thirty professionals of natural health, doctors or not. Daniel Kieffer represented Naturopathy at this occasion.